Recent Blogs and Tips by Author Minnku Buttar, on chasing JOYFULNESS, HEALING and WORLD TALES.


My Blogs brings you ancient wisdom for modern times, my “spin on” anecdotes, guides, information, from my journey of self-discovery, which lead to a very rewarding and beautiful spiritual awakening, sharpened intuitive skills & awareness.
This is your go to guide for healing, crystals, spirituality, Meditation, Relaxation, Gratitude- Abundance- Intention Techniques, Cutting Ties that bind, and many other Healing modalities.


We can build a Joyful life only on the foundation of our own nature, our own interests, and our own values.
Joy a teeny word? But a profound practice and behavior – that originates in the heart, touches our soul, embraces peace and contentment, connects with meaning and purpose and is a CONSCIOUS CHOICE. When Practiced over and over again, “Joyfulness” becomes a state of being, to reduce stress, and bring a beautiful balance to mind, body and soul.
Blogs on HOW to Choose joy. Practice joy. Know joy. Live joy.


I am a Hodophile ! I love adventure, the spontaneity that the Word journey brings, I don’t mind pushing myself out of your comfort zone, and of course, I thrive in the personal growth that happens within you through the culmination of everything you experience and the people you meet.
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