“Joyful state in personal relationships and workplace environment is one of the most ultimate state of being most of us crave for”.
What about YOU?


What is Joy after all?

Joy is a teeny word – a deep inner feeling that originates in the heart, touches our soul, embraces peace and contentment, is waiting to be discovered.

Joy is a profound and Scriptural practice and behavior - deliberate and intentional. "Don't worry, rejoice." Joy endures hardship and trials and connects with meaning and purpose and is a CONSCIOUS CHOICE.

Choose joy. Practice joy. Know joy. Live joy. When Practiced over and over again, “Joyfulness” becomes a state of being, to reduce stress, and bring a beautiful balance to mind, body, and soul.


Are you ready to Embrace joy?


Have the recent choices/ decisions you made led you to be Joyful?

There are no bad decisions…just bad decision-makers!

My personal Tips:

Tip #1 – Know your goal (look inward. Begin by asking yourself these questions: What do I want? What is my goal? How can I achieve it? When you’ve answered these questions, you will truly understand what is needed for your own highest good. Your insights about the problem/ challenge in front of you will be awesome to ensure the right decision).

Tip #2 – Give yourself a time out (Bad decisions are the direct result of being in the wrong frame of mind and the wrong emotional and physical state. Show yourself some kindness – Give yourself a time out. I am not saying go for a week-long vacation but maybe just a stroll around the block or a 10-minute nap or some deep breathing or yoga moves, to allow your subconscious mind to take over and work on the problem?)

Tip #3 – Understand your options (make pros and cons list for each of the options that you have. Then go through each option, be honest, and think about what’s right for you and your unique situation).

Tip #4 – Visualize your future (turn on your imagination and tap into future visualization. Here’s how you do it… First, close your eyes, clear your mind and think of how the decision that you make today could unfold in the future. See how it will affect your lifestyle, your relationships, and if relevant, your finances.

When you’re done, pull out a sheet of paper or a journal and capture your thoughts and ideas. Writing creates clarity because the option that gives you the most long-term benefits will jump out and that’s the one you should choose).

Tip #5 – Eliminate the unwanted (focusing on what you don’t want. Make a list of what kind of guys not to date, which job offer you should not choose and even the kind of holiday you can’t see yourself enjoying. Start eliminating. Choices of “want” narrows down)

Tip #6 – Good enough is good enough (While aiming for the best every time isn’t a bad thing, remember that the best isn’t always your only option. Take the pressure off yourself by thinking about other possibilities).

Ask yourself, “If I don’t achieve ‘the best’, what’s good enough for me?”

SHORTCUTS To Making the right choices?

Don’t overthink – Take your own advice – Look to others if need be – Trust your gut – So make the effort to master the art of decision-making.

It’s something that will change your life. It did mine!!

I went from being a successful Fashion Designer to being an Award-winning TRANSFORMATION COACH!

So, are you making the right choice today by Joining us to learn more secrets of Manifestations and Intentions?

Darken room and have Half-open-eyes: Relaxing your eyes and resting them about 4ft in front of you will help limit visual distractions and reduce eye fatigue.

Face a blank wall: The Zazen practice of open-eye meditation limits distractions by sitting in front of a blank wall. Avoid gazing off into the distance where lots of objects can distract you. Pick a single point of focus: Choose something simple that you can get lost in, (the rhythm of a spinning fan? A Candle flame?)) and remember not to strain and focus your eyes, but to focus your gaze by not moving your eyes to look at anything else.

MINDFULNESS: Walk around slowly. After sitting with your eyes open, you walk slowly in a small circle. To start, focus on the sensations in your feet, notice how they feel touching the ground. Then notice your legs and other moving body parts.

Practice throughout the day: While exercising, doing the dishes, walking around the house, the beauty of open-eye meditation is you can do it anytime. Do it for only a few seconds at a time

ALERT: Don’t switch from open to closed eyes in a single session: That restlessness will distract you and won’t help build focus. With the exception of your eyes naturally closing when your meditation goes deeper. Or opening your eyes when you feel drowsy. However, everyone is in different stages of “Dhyana” (Meditation), so here I present only a Closed Eyes Meditation, called” TREE MEDITATION, specially recorded for you all. Its originally by my mentor, Phyllis Krystal.

Meet your COSMIC PARENTS in this meditation. Who will always be with you.

Press play and I’ll guide you. With loads of Love.